Same-Sex Wedding Photographer in Connecticut

Relationships don’t stop because you’re married. But sometimes it can feel like there are no major milestones that you want to participate in. Yes, you would get photos of yourself if you were celebrating your baby’s first birthday. But maybe that’s not in your plans so it can feel like an infinite stretch before your relationship has validation or acknowledgment from your community. Before it feels “appropriate” to get photos taken of yourself.

Often times when I’m doing an anniversary shoot, a couple is celebrating something that’s more internally important to them then externally validated by society. Perhaps it’s a new job or a huge milestone in your relationship or just having an anniversary where you want to concentrate inward and remember this moment.

For Natalie and I, we started pushing for a once a year anniversary shoot for us. I did this because I’m the one always holding the camera and I realized when I looked through almost 14 years of our relationship, there are only a few dozen photos of us together or even with me included.

When I was doing this right before our wedding, I was really surprised and upset. How could I made it this far, celebrated seven years of a relationship, and yet had very few photos to look back on? How had I let things go so long?

So instead of looking for validation from for other people that it was OK for me to take photos of my wife and I, I decided that was important to me to document the various moments of our lives. A certain date and a set time which we would not have to think about and was just automatically happening every year.

Now I have quite a few photo sessions of Natalie and I. It might not happen every year for various reasons but I love looking at the ones we do have. Like any habit, it doesn’t always happen, but when it does, it feels like of the celebration and reminder of achievement. It’s a small bit of time that we can concentrate on ourselves again. We give ourselves permission to concentrate on one another. I don’t need someone else telling me it’s OK.
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