Get legally married and socially distance- with photos

Zoom Weddings and Couple Shoots

Yes, for real real

Governor Cuomo signed an executive order allowing New York couples to get legally married via video conferencing through May 18th (as of right now). With hospital visiting rights, health insurance and so many other benefits being tied to marriage (another talk for another time), many couples are scrambling to get married virtually.

You can have your zoom wedding AND still get photos from your ceremony, as well as couple photos afterwards. All through facetime! Let's dive into the details, shall we?

The Nitty Gritty

• What kind of photos will I receive from a zoom photoshoot or wedding?

Let's be clear, these photos will all be happening via video conferencing apps so the quality will depend on your phone/webcam or screenshots (depending on the equipment you have). These will not be high resolution images or printable. These will fabulous documents of this moment and usable for social media.

• What equipment do I need to make a facetime photo shoot work?

There are a few ways to make this work, but the best quality images will come from newer model iphones, a good iphone stand, and a high quality internet connection. But don't sweat, we can make other circumstances and equipment work with a few exceptions.

• I have a tiny apartment and no access to an outdoor space, is that ok?

The most important thing for these kind of photos is light! Watch your space during the next few days and see when and where the light comes in. Snap some iphone shots of different areas at different times. We will then talk about what the best spot and time is for your session!

• I feel weird in front of the camera. And even weirder with the idea of a virtual photo shoot. Is this going to work?

Let's all check-in with ourselves: how the hell are we in a spot where we are even talking about facetime weddings and photoshoots? We can all agree this is a weird time to say the very least. We will probably all laugh a lot at first as we figure out how to communicate or where to put your phone. So I recommend embracing the weird and just going with the flow. I will help guide you to looking your best and having some fun. Who doesn't want to get a bit closer to our partners right now and just play?

• How much is a session?

For all front-line essential workers, these sessions are 100% free! Please get in touch. For all other couples, these sessions are $40 with 50% going directly to GetUsPPE, an organization putting health care workers in contact with persons who have PPE supplies.

• How long is our session?

Normal sessions are 30 minutes from the start of the pre-agreed upon time, so try to resolve all your tech issues before the start of our session. If you are having a Zoom wedding, we can talk about additional time needed or how you want to structure your 30 minutes between ceremony and couple shots.