Yale New Haven CT Engagement

So I’m a sucker for dogs. I don’t have one- just 8 other pets- but I love dogs. When I worked at the emergency animal hospital in DC, I got my fill of puppy kisses and squishing. But here in New Haven, there seem to be very little dog people. I hardly ever see dogs walking around. So when Jessica said she had a 13 week old German Shepard puppy and could-she-bring-it I wanted to sqeee. I did…just after I got off the phone with her. So Miss Ruby was very tolerant and wanted to chew on everything within mouth distance. But she got tired and she got taken home by a friend of Jessica and Shawn’s. So off for some more romantic shots we went. We played all around downtown New Haven for this engagement.

And Jessica and Shawn were game for just about anything. Did they trust me when I jumped for joy at this awesome red steel beam surrounded by gross water as a place to shoot? Yes. That’s trust. And we didn’t fall in the water- bonus! Did I totally steal a chair laying around Yale for a prop for some shots? Yes. And they were happy to sit in said chair and let me play with it. No cops.

Although Natalie, my wife, drew the line at taking the chair home. I reeeeeeeeally wanted to. Afterall, most of my furniture is from dumpster diving or chance finds. But after being pressed on where we could put the chair….I had to give in. I already have about half a dozen sidewalk finds in the basement with no room in my house.