Wooster Square New Haven Engagement

What 3rd grader didn’t want to make a life out of putting mentos in coke and watching soda explode everywhere? Anthony may had graduated past this experiment onto the Physics labs at Yale, but being a graduate student hasn’t dulled his love for the early, goofy experiments. And Ryan doesn’t mind being dragged into it either. I’m pretty sure Ryan was the one with the biggest smile as coke streamed all over the Wooster Square green. And we did attract a lot of attention with these science experiments- a bunch of kids insisted on stopping their parents to watch and giggle as they enjoyed the show.

And like any good science experiment, you need teamwork. These guys had NEVER made big bubbles before. So they started over and over again. Instead of snapping at each other about what each was doing wrong, they laughed, dunked the string in the bubble solution, and tried again. And again. How fast did they need to run backwards to get the bubble going? How high should they hold the stick? How much bubble solution should they soak into the string? They tried it all. And we got a handful of great bubbles. But we got one that just lasted. They were running backwards, trying not to trip on the crowds enjoying the Cherry Blossoms in New Haven, and trying to keep pace, trying to keep the bubble going as I’m screaming at them to keep going because I’m just in place for a fab shot. And we did it! High fives all around.

We smelt like just bathed in bubble solution. Anthony and Ryan’s hoodies were a mixture of solution and random cherry blossom petals. We talked geeky science stuff as we walked back to the car. And while we made sure to get some classic shots of them, they later told me that they just loved the science photos. A Wooster Square New Haven engagement. It was them.
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These are SO fun!! Love it!

Yay- I’m totally keen on making things explode and being a science geek.

This is basically the most adorable engagement shoot I have ever seen.