Woodrow Wilson House Wedding

There is always something so sweet about a couple getting ready together. Shaneequa was finishing up the dance mix for the reception when I walked in, music quietly coming from her laptop, but she was full absorbed into her world. Jacquetta on the other hand was running around the room getting things ready for me, attending to the flowers, and giving Amanda and Alissa from Lovebus Events all the things they needed to go setup the ceremony location. But while they were separate in the same room, very quickly that changed. The laptop was closed, Jacquetta got her dress on, and Shaneequa got some help buttoning up her sleeves. Suddenly, they were a team again. Slowly smoothing out their wedding attire. Helping each other round up everything to get out the door.

Shaneequa and Jacquetta naturally just fall into each other in such a way that I could just watch and wait. I could wait for the burst of laughter. Which is a luxury- to just snap and wait because they were in no rush, no nerves, just being together. And with Erica from Silver Immersion having done their hair and makeup, I was in photographer heaven. But the Woodrow Wilson House awaited. It was finally time to hand out the vintage handkerchief programs.

Shaneequa held Jacquetta’s hand so tightly when she made it to the front of the aisle. And for a few moments, they held each other’s gaze in the same way. Here they were. About to read vows, about to jump the broom, about to kiss in front of many family members. But what punched me in the gut was the intensity of those few seconds of just being a team once again- ready to be a team and do all the things together they had done all morning- every morning.


TRULY AMAZING!!! These pictures are sooo beautiful and truly show the love and happiness that you both share!! I love you both and wish you all the happiness and Blessings your hearts can hold!! 🙂

So beautiful…may God bless the two of you as you embark on such an amazing journey together.

Beautiful! I am so happy for you both. Be happy always and forever.

BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS!!! Congrats on the wedding loves! 🙂

I was so happy to be included as a part of their big day. Shaneequa and Jacquetta looked amazing together as they began the next chapter of their lives together. Congrats and best wishes to you both!

Congratulations and may God bless you with years of happiness! What beautiful photos!

(friend of Amena)

fantastic shots! congratulations on your marriage, ladies! your love is beautiful.

So beautiful! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

These are beautiful! I can see why Jacquetta fell in love with your photography. I’m sure having good subjects helped.

SOOO happy for you! Your pictures are gorgeous:) Best wishes!!

Your pictures are simply breathtaking. May your joining together bring you more joy than you can imagine.

This is what the essence of love looks like!!

Glennis Gillespie

I love these shots….it makes me happy yet teary. I love them and could watch them over and over

Beautiful!!! I love the black and white photos…………their joy is tangible!!

OMG I am in love with these photos I can’t wait to see more. I love you guys!

The wedding was beautiful, you two are beautiful and these photos absolutely capture the warmth and spirit of your love.

neeq and ja are two of the most beautiful, awesome people i’ve ever encountered and these photos definitely capture their spirit and love for one another. absolutely gorgeous!

beautifully written, I’ve known these two for a while and it makes my heart smile, WONDERFUL picture…fo reals.

LOVE that last photo. So gorgeous.