Woodrow Wilson House Wedding Part II

The warm blankets provided by the couple because of the cooler day were quickly snatched up and a few minutes of alone time were in order. As the guests made their way over to the Darlington House for the reception, we played around at the Woodrow Wilson house for a few more couple shots and then headed through Embassy Row to meet up with the rest of the guests.

I instantly knew why Shaneequa had worked so hard on the music mix- she was ready to dance! And she was not alone. The electric slide? A huge hit. Everyone was on the dance floor and a few friends helped teach the young girls the dance. I knew in 10 years those girls would be doing the same. Because as all their friends and family came together, it was evident what a tight knit family and group this was. Jacquetta made a bee line as the first cupcakes were served to get her dad and grandma the flavor of their choice. And Shaneequa was laughing almost the entire reception with everyone, bursting on the dance floor with amazing dance moves, and encouraging everyone to just enjoy themselves. And that’s what makes weddings so amazing. The community behind the couple: all coming together to embrace and cheer them on for the whole day.


Love all the pics….all were gorgeous but then the subjects are beautiful people

Shaneequa, these photos are simply exquisite – with you and your beautiful wife. OMG and Mother Brooks standing and blessing your union and you emitting raw joy looks like Alison caught the spirit she looks utterly and sincerely happy for you, gurl I’m full… May the power of this love standing for you protect and fortify your marriage. Go family!!!!!

Oh wow these pictures are amazing.. they truly capture all the emotions …aww simply lovely : )

Wow! So many beautiful photographs. Such emotion and beauty!

The photos are beautiful.

What a fantastic celebration! Beautiful, inspired, and energizing photography.

i love post-wedding playfulness. these are beautiful shots. shaneequa & jacquetta, i wish you many many more years of joy together.

Gorgeous pictures!!

What a lovely couple! I also love, love, love the images!

love, love, love!