Woodrow Wilson House Wedding DC

Roby and Chris knew they wanted to insert some fun elements into their reception and also represent Roby’s homestate of Louisiana. So during cocktail hour there was plenty of entertainment in the form of Xavier, the fab drag queen that got everyone out of their seats to listen to Cher. She had plenty of fun with the guests and made sure everyone was excited about the night ahead. Because after lots of dancing, there was a big surprise: Roby and Chris got up on the balcony overlooking everyone to tell them how much they appreciated everyone making it out to the wedding on such short notice. And that’s when stuff started falling from the sky- literally. Beads!!! Roby and Chris threw Mardi Gras beads from the balcony- even I snagged a few strands. I was slightly nervous a strand of beads would hit my camera or my head because they were coming down everywhere. But I was laughing too hard to really get too nervous.

Then from the back of the reception lawn, the best men emerged with umbrellas, waving handkerchiefs, and telling everyone to follow them to form a Krewe and head out to the front of the venue! So now the guests not only had Mardi Gras beads all over their necks, they were swinging handkerchiefs and literally doing dances up to the front. The umbrellas were going up and down and people really got into it. Finally, everyone made it to the front for the confetti exit. But what exit is complete without a get-away? Only, a get-away with all the close friends/family in pedicabs! So I literally grabbed a pedicab to ensure I could get photos, my giant 50 pound suitcase somehow staying on the tiny seat with me. We raced around Dupont circle, DC’s historically gay neighborhood, in about 20 pedicabs. People were shouting and even a few guests threw beads at them. But my favorite part was how people kept coming up to Roby and Chris’s pedicab to hug them, high five them, or just give well wishes.


But also I think thats dave catania and frank Kameny. Frank Kameny’s not dead is he? Is that him? Also, I LOVE the Woodrow Wilson House, I love Dupont Circle wedding pictures and those grooms are so distinguished and handsome!

Yes- that is Frank Kameny! I saw him alone, sitting on a chair, and literally became a stupid fan girl spurting out ‘Oh my gosh, all the work you have done for the gay community is so amazing and his wedding wouldn’t be going on without you blahblahblah *insert more embarrassing things*’

A DC wedding! Love that I can identify Jim Graham by his bowtie in the second picture.