Woodrow Wilson House DC Wedding

I know I know. Sarah and Nicole’s wedding was supposed to go up today. But I just heard that Roby and Chris will be featured in this week’s Washington Post and thought it would be criminal not to blog it. So here it is!

Roby and Chris both were very excited to see DC legalized gay marriage, and like a lot of couples, were slightly nervous about a California-like situation where suddenly couples couldn’t get married. So they planned their wedding in 3 months! In fact, Chris proposed to Roby, who is a reporter, right before he went on air to talk about the new DC law. So they picked the Woodrow Wilson House in DC with it’s gorgeous backyard and proximity to Dupont Circle. Luckily, the day was perfect out and many DC politicians and gay right leaders showed up, including Frank Kameny. I’ll admit, when I saw him sitting alone in a chair for a moment, I went up to him and told him how much his work meant to me. I told him he really made so much possible, including this wedding. And he gave me the biggest smile and handshake.

With Calvin Klein gray suits and aqua accessories- specifically chosen to match Chris’s super blue eyes, they looked awesome. So after getting ready at Hotel Palomar, it was time to sign the marriage certificate and practice vows. Which promptly had everyone crying! Candy and Co. Events made sure everything was moving along smoothly as everyone lined up for the ceremony. All the kids were so excited to wave their rainbow wands. And ohhhh, they waved them. In fact, a few parents had to call to the kids to stop waving and come sit down!

I swear I didn’t set this up! Chris and Roby just loved watching the guest trickle in. Next up! The reception complete with bead throwing, pedi cabs, and confetti.


Great work as usual kelly ! So cool to have the opportunity to photograph same sex marriage. I hope one day I could do it too in France.