Woodlawn Manor Wedding Part II

The rain held for awhile, allowing us to tip toe around Woodlawn Manor and enjoy all the hidden secret places this historic venue had to offer. And there were horses. Yes, horses. I had to laugh and tell them that a recent guest post on So You’re EnGAYged had talked about how there were more horses in wedding magazines than gay people. In fact, there were 8 horses and no gay people out of the dozens of wedding magazines the author had looked at. So take that wedding magazines!! I got horses AND a gay couple in one shot 😛

Meighan and Christina were kinda onslaught by love during the toasts. It seemed a toast couldn’t go by without a memory shared that made the tent seem to sigh with happiness or luck or thankfulness for the coming together of these two women. Many family shared stories of all the pushing and stubbornness of Meighan and Christina to figure out who they were so they could be there at that exact moment. Having just celebrated their commitment in front of all the people telling stories, toasting, and dancing. And before everyone could break down and sob happy tears (though, the last toast had about 80% of the crowd there), it was time to dance. To eat some pie. To watch people *really* really try to get those bouquets!!


Hello, I’m curious to know who they hired as caterers for their event? Planning a wedding in Woodlawn in May! Thanks 🙂

Beautiful photos! Love the bunting 🙂

I love so much about this wedding, but I think my favorite is the love that just radiates from Christina and Meigh in every shot 🙂 Also the horses.

So, so beautiful. And the way you captured the emotions! PERFECT!

I love the first two photos the best, but this whole wedding just makes me swoon a bit. also the cake makes me hungry but anyway. such gorgeous ladies, great joy and perfect photos..!

What a gorgeous wedding, and wonderful photos – especially of the photos on the stairs – something so elegant and haunting (in a good way) about those.

I wasn’t there…I was SUPPOSED to be there. But at least with these gorgeous photos, I can feel a little bit like I was…I can feel the love and joy in every single shot.

You really capture a beautiful event, full of light and love. Thank you for posting (take that mainstream wedding magazine!).

These photos are so amazing– first of all, love the smiles! And second of all, love love, love the ones where their dresses line up together and sorta blend.

Such great pictures from an amazing night!

All around fabulousness! You are 2 very lucky women. 🙂

Beautiful pictures. It seems to capture the wonderful feeling of love. July 30,2011 11:00

Your pictures are so lovely. One would hardly know it rained at all, you made the light look so pretty and of course the love of those two ladies helped make everything look gorgeous too.

Truly, this was one of the most awesome and special weddings I’ve ever been to!

Tracey Stephenson

Without a doubt the most beautiful and love filled wedding I have ever been to in my life. The photos are OUTSTANDING!!!
And god knows I should know! teehee
Love you both!

Your photos do such an amazing job of capturing the magic of the wedding. The love and joy just radiates from the images.

Oh Kelly, these are just so beautiful. Such love….!!

Amazing photos! Such a beautiful wedding. I love the decor and the flowers – they are so perfect!

Awesome pictures! I missed the part where Meigh’s dad (I think that’s her dad. Or should I just say “the father of the bride”?) starts rapping. Every reception needs that.

Aww, I love the first two pictures and the different angles. They’re so adorable!

There is so much love in these photos that my heart seriously pitter pats when I look at them! Also, good gravy does that cake ever look amazing.

Love love love the black and white with the umbrella!