Woodlawn Manor Wedding Part I

It felt a bit like a mystery novel as I drove up to Woodlawn Manor. It was lightly raining and a slight mist had taken over the fields. I had seen pictures, but right there in front of me was a horse happily chewing on some delicious grass. So I knew I was in the right place. Dresses and wellies on, Meighan and Christina got ready for their first look. I’m actually going to do a full blog post *just* about their first look with an amazing sequence of pictures because it was that good. Christina had her dress hiked up us she approached Meighan, keeping the wet ground well away. Meighan turned and it was like an electric current went through the air. The hair was standing up on my arms as I watched them hold each other, cry and laugh. I love energy like that. The I’m-connected-to-the-universe feeling because everything is right.

Bunting. Yay flags. Amazing doors to mark the spot of the ceremony. It all just added to the immensity as Meighan and Christina were bound together by a hand-fasting ceremony. They literally got to tie the knot! Friends and family wove those ribbons really really high and long as they walked down the aisle again, married. And just like that, we went into the fields to do couple’s shots. Yup, you gotta wait till tomorrow to see them and the rest of the wedding.

Makeup: Belle Soeur – Hair: Cheryl Griggs – Venue: Woodlawn Manor

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Gorgeous… I love this wedding Kelly. It is lovely.

I absolutely love their dresses! Both of them! So beautiful!!

Kelly you did such a terrific job with these photos! I work with Katie and it was so amazing to get a glimpse of what her special day was like, I really felt like I was there. Congratulations on capturing a beautiful wedding!!!

absolutely beautiful pictures!!

I have to say that looking at all the pictures makes me teary all over again. Beautiful!

I thought this was so touching and so full of the very meaning of love…..i am so happy for everyone, this made me cry with happiness and I found out that I do still believe in love xxoo
love you all the website is amazing, the ceremony perfect and the pictures are, well, I felt as though I was right there!!! AMAZING!!! vickie T Byrd

Probably the most love-filled wedding ceremony I have ever attended. The photos bear that out.

Not everyone can capture such beauty, love and emotion. These pictures show it all. The love presence that day is in every shot. Beautiful.

Beautiful photos of a beautiful evening. I’m so glad I was able to be there.

Beautiful photographs they really capture the moment.

Just beautiful! Their expressions in the first-look photos are priceless!

Every time I look at these I’m like, “that one’s my favorite. No, wait, that one…etc”. Such a fantastic job, Kelly.

Melissa of craftgasm

I started tearing up all over again remembering how much the universe loved these two ladies that day. Your photos captured all that energy so perfectly, Kelly. Thank you.

These are so gorgeous! I know Christina was a bit disappointed in the lack of sun, but I love the tones that came out of the darker weather.

Beautiful wedding, beautiful ladies and beautiful love!!! Congratulations to all!

Thanks for sharing this, Kelly. You captured the beauty of the day masterfully, and it wouldn’t have been the same without you.

The photographs and various shots are unique as well as lovely! Congratulations!

You are one fantastic photographer. I am so thankful that you were available for their wedding. They are two very special people and I love them with all my heart. Thank you. Your picture with the horse has been the lawyers’ lounge computer’s screen saver in Johnston County, North Carolina! Joy

I thought nothing could compare to the beautiful wedding, but Kelly Prizel’s wonderful photography proved otherwise! These photos are so personal and lovely that they invoke tears of joy! Thank you Kelly! You are a delight!

These are gorgeous photos.
Thanks for sharing them!

I loved viewing these pictures…it brought back memories of that beautiful evening and the sharing of “love” between of two lovely brides. What a very special union…I am so happy to have been a part.


Betty Sue

Thanks for posting this Kelly! It was a beautiful and joyous wedding and your photographs totally captured that. I’ve enjoyed remembering through your entry. esther

Liam Dater-Twomey

These shots are just beautiful. I wish I could have been there!

YAAAAAAAAAY! What a lovely post! Thank you!