Woodend Sanctuary Engagement

In what feels like a million years ago, Natalie and I got married at Woodend Sanctuary in Chevy Chase, MD. My dream is to do a wedding there. I may be partial because I got married there, but seriously, I love that venue with all my squishy, wedding-loving heart. But until I do a wedding there *hint hint* I love going there to do actual engagement shoots. It’s close to Rock Creek Park and has plenty of variety of scenery to shoot.

LaKesha, who did her own hair (can you believe it? if I ever attempted a sophisticated updo like that, someone would run away screaming that something died on my head), showed up in a stunning purple dress that I refused to let her change out of. Nope. Sorry. Too bad change of clothes. AJ didn’t start off as well. AJ must be a beakon for every bug within a 2 mile radius. So our first location was quickly abandoned because every bug in America was trying attack him. All I have is pictures of him trying to keep flying bugs out of his mouth and eyes. Not exactly romantic engagement shots.

So off we went, hitting up Rock Creek Park, playgrounds and winding down at Woodend. When I asked them to snuggle, AJ grabbed hold of LaKesha and didn’t let go till I forced them to. They just naturally knew what would make the other laugh and weren’t afraid to use it to make for some amazing shots. They are getting married this weekend and I just know they are going to be the kind of couple I love to shoot: freakin’ excited to be getting married and so happy their cheek muscles will be sore the next day from all their laughing/smiling. The best kind.