Wolf Trap Wedding Part II

Yummy breakfast is something I rarely get to enjoy on a wedding day but with a brunch wedding, it worked out perfectly. Now, for a moment, imagine your 10 or so. You see the brunch which = no dessert. Which is the highlight of any wedding for any kid. So yes, we had scrambled eggs. But we also got cupcakes! And a candy bar! Side note: any age loves them a candy bar. Grandpa stayed at the candy bar for 10 minutes. He kept coming back to nibble on something else, happy as a clam. I wondering whether they should be mandatory so I can smile and watch all ages nibble on some sugary goodies.

But, cupcakes were not just thrown down on a table. Jessica’s dad apparently is a potter and he threw (don’t you love that term) the cupcake stand himself. Can you say coolest heirloom piece ever?


These are beautiful! My favs are the bottom two 🙂 It was an awesome day and Katie and Jess radiate happiness in these photos!

They are the best couple ever. I cried like a baby

Please give Katie and Jess free stuff. Also, how did you get to be so talented??? It’s impressing, intimidating…and a little mean. Give everyone else a chance! Thanks for showing Katie and Jess’ love in HD!

Thank you for capturing the exquisite beauty of the natural setting along with the loving moments of the union of our “daughters” on their wedding day. The love, the laughter, the tears of joy touched our hearts and brought two extraordinary families together on May 15, 2011. David & I are so proud!

There is simply nothing here not to love! I heart it all!

These pictures are so amazing. They capture every moment so perfectly that it makes the viewer feel as they are right there. They also capture the love between Katie and Jess so perfectly.

LOVE 🙂 Beautiful!

Beautiful! Congratulations again Jess and Katie!

These pictures turned out absolutely gorgeous! They really reflect the beauty of the day and the love between Katie and Jess!

These pictures are beautiful! Looks like a wonderful couple and a wonderful day!

These look beautiful! You can really tell how beautiful the wedding is and how in love Katie and Jess are! 🙂

What a beautiful day! I want some of that watermelon hard rock candy, too! Congrats!

These pictures are some of the most beautiful wedding pictures I have ever seen. Truly captured the love that is so obvious between these wonderful women and their family and friends. Your photography speaks for itself and congratulations to all!!!

I keep looking at the pictures…what a wonderful day…full of happiness. I am one proud Dad.

You certainly made our daughter’s day a wonderful, special day. Your pictures show the happiness on everyone’s faces and captured all the joy of the day! Thank you!!

Beautiful beautiful photos, I feel like I was there! These pictures capture the wonderful relationship that Jess and Katie have, two amazing people with such big and warm hearts. Congrats and again, I cannot get over how beautiful the pictures are!

Beautiful pictures that did an incredible job of capturing the emotions – love, joy, happiness – of their amazing day. Cheers!

The pictures from the wedding are AMAZING and truly a reflection on how beautiful the day was!