Wolf Trap Wedding Part I

Drama is something you normally want to stay far far away from on your wedding day. Jessica and Katie welcomed it. They got married under and in it. Theatre lighting cast unusual shadows and bright spots, dancing across the brides faces through the whole ceremony. Thick velvet drapes hung not too far away, showcasing the uniqueness of Wolf Trap as a venue. It’s 10 minutes away from my childhood home and I would go to plays there very very occasionally. Excited to see the production, the costume, and the style.

As Katie and Jessica’s family sat in a circle chair arrangement, I skulked away, shooting from a very different view point than I normally get. I could go up high in the rafters or from three different openings in the circle. But it allowed me to get closer to more guests than I usually do because I don’t like going too far up an aisle. I like to preserve the sacredness of ceremonies. But I kept passing new guests, new friends and family members who each had something very different as their reaction. Some were choked up. Some couldn’t stop laughing because, let’s face it, if you know Katie, you know your going to laugh when she’s around. Some were bouncing kids up and down on their laps. And I loved that. All the differences. All together in this one room.

Jennifer Luu, their officiant, gave them the go. They could kiss. I promptly shoo’d them away like we planned for them to have a few moments to soak up being married. And they ended up being some of my favorite shots, my long long lens on so I couldn’t hear what they actually said. Which I now kinda love hardcore and might try to convince every couple to do that. That ‘WOW’ expression from Jessica just makes me laugh and feel happy at the same time. And backing me up the whole time was Amber Wilkie.


GORGEOUS! These are super! Katie+Jess are the best!! xoxo.

These pictures are amazing. They completely captured the personalities of everyone involved and showcased the love that was present that day. Just beautiful.

Your pictures certainly captured the happiness and joy of the day! I love that Katie and Jess always look so happy in each and every photo. Thanks for showing what a wonderful day it was!

Kelly you did such a terrific job with these photos! I work with Katie and it was so amazing to get a glimpse of what her special day was like, I really felt like I was there. Congratulations on capturing a beautiful wedding!!! Thanks so much for commenting! I love hearing from you 😀

What beautiful pictures! Love the shots looking down on the ceremony. I bet it was a blast to photograph! Katie is one of the most fun people I have ever met!!

Beautiful wedding, beautiful brides, beautiful family and friends = beautiful start to a beautiful life!
Love you Katie and Jesse!

Wonderday day and wonderful photos. I was one of the ones bouncing a kid on my lap=)

What a lovely couple and what a great location for a wedding! Congrats!