What do you wear? Looking professional and shooting

Ok, maybe not the best pose ever, but it’s what I needed to do to get the shot I wanted. And that’s the whole point. I want to look professional but get the job done right. And I have gone through a lot of outfits looking for the ‘right’ look that let’s me move, get in the grass, endure 90 degree heat for hours at a wedding, and still makes me not look like I’m running a marathon (though, really, I probably sweat as much) or like I just rolled out of bed. This picture was taken at the veeeery end of the wedding, in fact, the last 30 minutes. So it’s after all the crazy of the wedding and it still looks pretty darn good. Thanks to Amber Wilkie for shooting this.

  1. Let’s start at the beginning. Shoes. Shoes are the be all and end all for shooting. You want to look classy so no sneakers. But heels? Um, I’m not going to sink in the grass trying to shoot a ceremony. Let alone the pain. So I now have an arsenal of ssoft, born, and various supportive shoes that I spent a pretty penny on. But oh, let me tell you, they are worth every penny. I then insert arch supports and heel padding for that extra uumph.
  2. Yes, I wear skirts. Pencil skirts. Annnything that will allow me to feel a little less hot at a summer wedding. Or after running around for the 7th hour. I bought 4 pencil skirts from Banana Republic on sale- they are the stretchy kind. Now I wear them at almost every wedding.
  3. That belt like thing you see? It’s called a Go Bee. It holds my cell phone, cards, timeline, oil blotting sheets for clients and most importantly, my CF cards. That’s where all the wedding photos are. On my hip. all. day. long. If someone steals all my gear? Yes, that sucks. Like really sucks. But they won’t have the photos which are irreplaceable.
  4. My shirts are from NY & Company. I have them in 3 colors. They are super comfy and though it sounds super gross: they hide sweat stains better than any shirt I have found. And they look nice.
  5. My hair is slicked back with enough hairspray to start a wildfire. I don’t want to be tucking my hair behind my ears or playing with it. I want it out of the way. Gone. Perhaps shaving would be best, but I like my hair on my non-shooting days.
  6. With all this professional stuff going on, I gotta have a little fun. Like big earrings. Or a coral necklace. Big enough to draw attention away from my ugly as all get out wrist brace. My wrist is fine- but I wear a brace to keep it that way.
  7. And last, but not least, my camera straps. I usually shoot with two camera bodies at a wedding. I used to use Black Rapid, but honestly, the double strap is not flattering or comfy on women. So I wanted a strap that held two bodies but didn’t go across my chest. I found the Camera Slinger. Most times, I love this strap to pieces. It’s mostly if I have to lean over a lot, I feel like my camera strap may slip off. It never has- but I take extra precautions. Still, it’s 500% better than the Black Rapid (and we won’t go into the fact they sent me a faulty strap which led to my camera falling onto a sidewalk…and it taking them 3 months to get me the part replacement. In the middle of wedding season. Me? Bitter? No.)

Lookin’ good girl!!!