Westminster Lofts Providence, RI Wedding

The day started off with a bit of a hubbub. Nashama and Andrea had a last minute request from the Rabbi to do a quick rehearsal in the lobby of the Providence Biltmore. No problem. So off they went to hammer out the last details. So when the flowers came, it was just me to receive them. And I was so excited because Flowers By Semia did an amazing job- orchids, dusty miller, and succulents all created a gray, modern wedding bouquet. And with everyone downstairs rehearsing, I got a few minutes to break out my tilt shift lens and play with the succulents and flowers.

But then very quickly, the room filled up. Family and friends came pouring into the getting ready room. So Nashama sat down to get her hair and makeup done, which was hard because everyone kept making her laugh. Salon De Moda were persistent though and got Nashama looking exactly how she wanted- even if the makeup artist’s eye was twitching because Nashama hates anything on her lips (no gloss, chapstick, nada). When you put me, a mom to 8 pets, and a couple who are both vets together, interesting topics pop up. Like rabbits digestive systems. I was fascinated and loved going on and on about digestive tracts but clearly, some of the relatives thought we had lost our minds. Bunny digestive tracts are off limits on a wedding day? Naaaah.

Then we had to venture outside. Ohhh yes. Outside in the freezing weather with the wind constantly whipping so hard, Nashama’s veil tugged right out of her hair and I grabbed it as it tried to fly away. So it’s no surprise that after 20 minutes outside, even Andrea with her jacket was cold. And Nashama had blue lips. Like, for real blue lips. Ok, inside!!! Inside to take a few shots and then it was time for the Ketubah signing. Andrea had been going to the same shul since she was a little girl and two women from her shul, who watched her grow up, were there to be Ketubah signers. It was so amazing to hear these wonderful older women talk about how blessed they felt to be able to be alive to sign this Ketubah and see Andrea marry Nashama. They cried. The crowd cried. And then the Ketubah was signed with Rabbi Michael Beals strumming a guitar and singing a traditional Jewish melody.

Thanks so the fun and very accommodating folks with the Sugar Rush Cupcake truck!