Wedding Album Covers

As if you didn’t have enough to think about with the different album types and album layouts, one of the first things you’ll spot is the cover of the album. This will be the first thing you and others will see when you enjoy your album. It will also be one of the things that will receive the most wear and tear. So while looks might be the first thing you think of, it’s also a good idea to think of the quality of the cover so it will last.

Leather: It’s the first thing most people think of when they think of wedding albums. It’s durable and it’s classic. But even leather can be different. This flushmount album has full hide leather. There are some coffee table albums that offer leather, but they are not the kind of quality leather you would receive from an album like a flishmount album. And leather isn’t just black. You can get it in a crazy amount of colors/shades.

Linen: While cloth is usually shied away from because of the nature of this material being easily stained. However, with the linen album I offer, it has a protective coating that keeps the look of linen but bumps up the durability by leaps and bounds. Which is why I love it. Linen also comes in a variety of colors like black, hot pink, lime green, blue, brown, white…you got a lot of options peoples.

Metal: Ladies and Gentlemen. This is my favorite cover EVER. I first happened upon metal covers when I went to my own wedding photographer’s studio. I saw the metal album cover sitting there and literally ran for it. I ran over the binding. I felt the weight of the book. I inspected the leather. And then, I feel in love with the metal. I had had had to have it. And I do! I love metal covers because of the uniqueness of the look. Everyone asks what my album is made of when I show them. I love the way images looks printed on metal and love the durability of it. I’m blabbering on and on because frankly, I’m still smitten with metal album covers even after seeing my first one 4 years ago.

You can also see in this album the unique leather. This particular album company has so many options when it comes to leathers, silk and other materials for your album. But this is just another example of a different leather.

Press Printed Cover: If your receiving a coffee table album, this particular cover is most likely an upgrade or sometimes standard for the album. It’s a cover with a design on the front and sometimes on the back. Sometimes these albums come with the option of a spine that’s made of bookcloth, which will ensure wear and tear better than a simple press print cover spine.