Washington Square Park Engagement

The big thing I love about NYC engagement shoots is that there is soooo much variety in such a small amount of space. You can go from Washington Square Park to amazing Brownstones to the water front pretty darn quickly. Kara and Chris knew the neighborhood well, keeping me from getting lost. Which, I’m inclined to do very fast if you don’t staple a GPS unit to my head. The super overcast day had us all looking to the sky to ensure rain didn’t spill and cause us to cancel the shoot. But it held out and even decided to grant us some lovely sunset light as we made our way to the Piers. However, this shoot had me thinking. Kara and Chris plus apparently all their attendants are *super* tall. Like, woah tall. And I generally like being slightly taller that the couple to get a good angle- with my 5’7 1/2 – 8 given the day and nurse measuring me, I’m usually ok. But I’m thinking the whole shoot about Go-Go-Gadget legs. Remember Inspector Gadget? Is it just me? He could say whatever he needed and his legs would extend or arms or neck or all kinds of stuff. I for real need that for the wedding. Or 4 inch heels. Cause Kara is walking around like a runway model and I’m well….trying to get on objects to make myself taller.


I love it!!! Beautiful!

Kelly…your pictures are always so beautiful. You capture how alive each person is! Congrats to the happy couple!!

LOVE these! They’re all soooo cute.