Valley Green Philadelphia PA Engagement Shoot: Maureen and Joanna

Natalie and I drove down from looking at houses in New Haven, CT to see Maureen and Joanna in Philly. I had never ever been to Philly, a sad fact when DC is so close by! We ended up taking a two mile hike, which felt oh-so-good after being stuck in the car. And little did I know that when Maureen said she was bringing her new bike, that it would be such a cool bike. One of those vintage beach bikes in a bright green.The kind I wish I had. The kind I picture myself riding down with a ubber hipster outfit and my bunnies in a white basket on the front, enjoying the ride(obviously a total dream as my bunnies would probably freak the hell out).

I spotted this great rock but when I tried to climb it, I quickly chickened out and said forget it. No so fast- Jo quickly climbed it and plunked herself down. I enjoyed the shot and the ground below.

They got converse shoes with their wedding date on it! I had no idea you could do that.

This might be my favorite shot ever.

As we were finishing up, Maureen said “Wow, this wasn’t scary at all!’ Um, of course not. What would I do? Beat you with my tripod?? Engagement sessions are for laughing and hanging out. Not scary- I promise 😉


Love these! The bike is awesome, but that last shot is my fav.