Using Google To Plan Your Wedding

So you have some great tools to use to organize all your wedding ideas and inspiration. You have all your blogs in your google reader. But, when it comes down to breaking away from the wedding porn and *planning* your wedding, what do you use?

Now- this may or may not seem like an ad for google. They don’t pay me. I just use their services a lot because A. They are free B. They are darn good. So I wanted to introduce you to three google tools I use and recommend you use to plan your wedding.

Using Google Calendar to plan your wedding:

Disclaimer- I don’t in fact use google calendar as my main calendar. I use ical and subscribe to my google calendars on ical when I want to see everything in one place (another perk of google calendars, you can subscribe to them in other programs!). However, I have several google calendars I use specifically for the function they provide. Google calendar works like almost any other calendar on the computer. But I love it because you can share your calendars with others. You can specifically invite people you want to see your calendar- like your bridesmaids or groomsmen. Or your wedding planner. No more emails “So when was that bridal shower?” Because they can see it! You can also create events and invite people to them using google calendar and see who has and who hasn’t RSVP’d.

Google Voice:

So I’m a nerd and used Google Voice almost as soon as it came out. The big feature for me that I love is that one number can call multiple phones. So if someone needs to get in touch with me, calling my google voice number is the best way. It rings my home phone number, my cell, and Natalie (my wife’s cell). So if I forgot my phone at home, if a client calls my google number, I still answer. So giving your vendors a google number is a great idea so they can reach you anywhere if they really need to. I also like it because it transcribes voicemails and texts me the transcript. So if I couldn’t pick up the phone because I’m at a shoot? I know instantly if it was an urgent call or something that can wait. Another thing- it saves you cell phone minutes if your on a computer and someone calls. If I’m talking to a client on the phone for a meeting, I know it’s going to be at least an hour long call. And I only have 750 minutes all month. So I use google voice to call from my gmail account and talk to them through my computer- yet they see my google voice number and can talk from their phone. And for your wedding day google voice it a-mazing. You can group people into categories- so if your wedding planner or photographer calls, google voice will let them through. But you can set it up so that random guests who need directions can’t get through- they can call someone else!!! It’s ridiculous the amount of stupid and rude phone calls couple’s get on their wedding day. Honestly- don’t know how to get there? Google map it! Call a friend! Stop at a gas station! DO NOT call the couple- they are trying to enjoy their wedding day. I had one couple get a call asking for *them* to make a car reservation for their guests on the day before their wedding. Exxxxcuse me??? Ya, turn the google voice on the whole weekend.

Google Documents:

Google documents let’s you set up documents that can be shared with others and edited in real time by multiple people and let’s you edit the document from anywhere- your phone, your laptop, work, home. Honestly, why would you not use this? Share a document just with your officiant on ceremony readings. Cross off your to-do list as you get things done on the go and if your partner is doing stuff somewhere else, they can cross stuff off at the same time using the same document. Genius.


Heeeeeellz yeah. Also, the Google Docs team did a collaboration with Style Me Pretty awhile back and put together this collection of templates and such:

I’m both a nerd and a control freak so I prefer to just create my spreadsheets from scratch, but other people might find those to be a nice jumping off point.