United Church on the Green in New Haven, CT: Christy and Lynne

Christy and Lynne came all the way up from Florida to get legally married. New Haven is my new home so doing my first civil ceremony of the year here was a lot of fun. I must admit as the morning inched closer and closer to the time of their ceremony, I started getting a little worried. It was pouring cats and dogs and hippos and everything else. And they really wanted beach shots! But after a small ceremony at the United Church on the Green with a lot of tears, we did get a chance to run out to the docks of New Haven and take a few shots. I was so pumped after shooting their ceremony…it feels so good to be shooting every weekend again. I can’t wait to upload all the pictures. Then I can’t wait to edit them all. Then I can’t wait to email the couple their slideshow. Then THEN I can’t wait to get their email back. I totally run off the high of excitement from the wedding for days!

I love the marble floors in the hall of this church!


These were beautiful