Union League Cafe Wedding New Haven, CT

The Union League Cafe is only about 10 minutes from my house, right in the middle of New Haven, CT. Rebecca and Michael, who live here and love the city knew they had to get married in New Haven. While Rebecca got ready at her parent’s house, Michael was getting his son prepared and reading over his speech. Getting a bit nervous. But the huge velvet drapes that Rebecca had been hiding behind, waiting for the ceremony to start, opened up and I love how Michael’s eyebrows went way up, excited to see her walking down the aisle. They held hands tightly as the ceremony went on. This was it.

The reception was relaxed, with everyone enjoying lots of food and drink. And lots and lots of talking. All the guests were happy to see friends and family again so the whole room was filled with chatter. And that was the whole point behind their wedding, a roundup of community. People able to come together and get excited for their new life. A morning devoted to relaxing and enjoying all of that. Goodbyes were filled with tight bear hugs and off we went for a few minutes to get some shots around New Haven.