U Street DC Engagement

Shiami came back to DC for a very good reason- Andy. She had been here before, but after a crazy-busy job in NYC, she found herself in DC and planning her wedding. We shot at Meridian Hill Park and around U street which used to be her old stomping grounds.

With an easy sense of humor, they happily cracked up and I snap-snapped away. It seemed like every time they looked at each other, a smile popped up on both their faces. And I did a double take when Andy showed up with those awesome glasses- they looked exactly like mine before I got my eyes zapped. And it wasn’t just glasses they showed up with- chalkboards, pinwheels, and Andy’s guitar. Who doesn’t love being serenaded in the middle of a park?

Oh- and the whole mathematical code on the chalkboard? Business school equation for why their love works. Yes, we geeked it out.

Rock it!! I love this purple dress for an engagement session. This is Example A of why you should wear bright colors to your session.


I recognize those locations :)!! The photos are gorgeous!