Trip to Maine

Natalie and I went on a vacation to Maine in late July and I enjoyed it. Which is a miracle because usually after 2 days on vacation I’m thinking “Omg…my inbox is probably full. When I get back it’s going to take hours and hours to do. I have soooo much editing to do…agghhh…I hate vacation, it’s putting me so behind!” In fact, I was so calm and ignoring my emails/work so much Natalie got a little nervous. She kept asking me if it was ok I wasn’t working 2-3 hours a day on my vacation- cause that’s what I normally do. But I’m trying really hard to be able to relax and experience things more. Which is why I only took my camera with me on 1 out of 7 days we spent in Maine.

Mostly we read on the beach as that’s my top favorite thing to do on vacation. We went whale watching and saw giiiiiant fin whales (the second largest whale…freakin huge). We ate lots and lots of gluten free seafood. I fell in love with a small town in New Hampshire called Portsmouth. But mostly, Natalie and I enjoyed being together with no obligations.


What made me laugh about this is that Portsmouth is a small city by New England standards! 🙂

It is a nice little town though, isn’t it?

I’m used to big cities like DC and NYC so I always compare things to that…I’m not a New England girl to the core yet 🙂