Trash The Dress Asbury, Park NJ

So this week it’s all about Sarah and Nicole. I’m switching things up by posting their Trash The Dress shoot before their actual wedding because I literally was editing them yesterday and am just twitching to share them.

Sarah and Nicole got married in Asbury Park, NJ and you’ll find out more about their wedding tomorrow, but we decided that their Trash The Dress shoot should be in the same awesome location. They had fallen in love with the funky vibe that Asbury Park has and the fact it’s full of gay people and families. Seriously, I saw at least 4 or 5 lesbian moms having fun on the beach with their kids. I was melting from the cuteness.

So I finally get to NJ (long story) and there are red flags on the beach. Meaning rip tides and strong waves. Ok, I thought, we can make this work. So we shot around the boardwalk, leaving the actual jumping in the ocean part till the end. And when we finally got in the water we quickly found out the waves were big and strong. I was trying to keep my feet firmly planted in the sinking sand so me and my camera equipment didn’t become one big wet mess. And Sarah and Nicole were trying to keep their faces from being “Holy shit I’m about to fall every time a wave hits me” in each picture. Which was a real issue. But with the crazy waves and balance issues they couldn’t stop laughing. It was crazy but it was fun! Here we are, in the ocean, with reds flags on the beach, in their wedding dresses.

For the last shots, I had them sit on some awesome rocks going into the ocean but didn’t realize, d’uh, perfect spot for a goods rip tide. So a big wave came and Nicole was literally hanging on to the rock she was sitting on. We quickly moved her to safer ground, and snapped a few more pictures. We were all soaking at this point, covered in sand, and laughing like crazy. Which made me realize, I LOVE trash the dress sessions.