Almost everyone I talk to wants at least a few group shots of their family and attendants. Typically, the list goes:

  • Couple and one side of the family
  • Couple and other side of the family
  • Couple and Partner A’s Parents
  • Couples and Partner B’s Parents
  • Couple and attendants

Want to add more photos to the list? Sure! Just add an extra 3-4 minutes per photo. So the list right above would take 15 minutes minimum. If your going to take group images after the ceremony, tack on at least an extra 10 minutes. Why? Because rounding people up after a ceremony takes a lot of time. I encourage all couples to do groups shots before the ceremony- it avoids so many headaches(I’m begging people). And you don’t miss your cocktail hour. So if you were *just* doing the list above after the ceremony, your already at 25 minutes.

It’s very important you make a list of group shots you want well ahead of time and talk with your photographer about it. Also, share the list (after you finalize it with your photographer) with all the people who will be in the group shots. This allows everyone to know how many shots they are in and know the order of the shots so people move in and out of the shots quicker.

Most of my couples want to break away from the “Stand in front of a wall and smile!” look of most group photos. Getting creative for group shots can be fun and produce amazing results. If you want some more creative shots, tell me!! Typically, we will go to several locations and get anywhere from 3-5 groupings of people in a half hour. The more people in the shot, the more time each shot will take to set up.


Since we are writing about TOP 10 TIPS FOR BETTER WEDDING PHOTOS: TIP #3: Limit Your Group Shots » Kelly Prizel Photography, If you have a very short ceremony at a small chapel, the wedding will take less time for the photographer to shoot. They can then spend a few minutes with you and your wedding party immediately after the ceremony to take outdoor or other types of shots. In many cases, this is all people need for their photos.