Top 10 Tips for better wedding photos: Tip #2: See each other before the ceremony or even get ready together

Seeing each other before the ceremony has so many amazing benefits and about 95% of my clients end up going this route. Why? First look shots, destressing, quicker portraits, and enjoying getting ready together.

First look shots. Traditionally, if you see each other at the ceremony and only have one photographer, the photographer has to choose between getting one partner walking down the aisle or the other partner seeing him/her for the first time. It sucks. Seeing each other ahead of time allows the photographer to set up a romantic and stunning photo opportunity that’s packed with emotions. You get photos of the first glance- and believe me, it’s always amazing. It also gives you the opportunity to hug and kiss and really tell each other “Damn, you look hot!”

De-stressing. You have supported each other through months of wedding planning. So obviously, you have helped each other through big periods of stress. Often, the morning of the wedding, one partner or both is anxious. This is a big day! But without fail, when that partner sees the other person for the first time, the stress melts away. Completely. A hug is all that’s needed to quiet the craziness leading up to this moment. It’s sweet and always works.

Quicker Portraits. So regardless of how long your group shot list is (which is another tip I’ll be giving), you can guarantee that portraits will go quicker if done before the ceremony. And since you both have already seen each other, we can knock out all the group shots ahead of time. Why does it go quicker? How much time will you save? It goes much faster because once everyone arrives for the ceremony, your friends/family members will undoubtably want to talk to the Aunt or Second Cousin they haven’t seen in a year. This means it’s MUCH harder to find all the family members- meaning your portrait time? It’s going to double. It also means for a lot of wandering eyes because family members are watching what’s going on without them- the cocktail party they are missing.

Getting Ready Together. I’m partial to getting ready together. Why? I got ready with my wife the day of our wedding. I couldn’t imagine spending 1 minute without her on the day we were getting married. And I have found a good chunk of my clients feel the same way! Getting ready together means sharing all the little moments as a couple. Helping each other get dressed. Laughing that you need your mom to put your shoes on. Holding hands as you realize that today, you are getting married.