Timeline Breakdown: Getting Ready

So you have a good general idea of getting ready timeline and a breakdown of why your getting ready location is super important for good pictures, now let’s break down things a little bit further as to what goes into getting ready for your wedding day and what you need to know.

  • The less you have to travel, the better. Things that wouldn’t normally be a big deal, other than an inconvenience, like your taxi not finding you, or moving tons of makeup/dresses/shoes, or traffic jams become much bigger deals on your wedding day because you have a timeline- oh ya, and a ceremony to get to. The more times you move, the bigger the hassle and the more likely you are to forget something important like rings, vows, your wedding shoes, etc. So if you can have hair and makeup come to you, all the better. Getting ready at your venue because they have a sun filled getting ready room? Grab that sucker and don’t let go. Your sanity and timeline will thank you.
  • Don’t discount getting ready together. The reason I highly recommend first looks is because 1. you get waaay better pictures of the two of you seeing each other for the first time BUT 2. It also really relieves stress. Because no matter how you cut it, getting ready can be a bit stressful. Maybe your worried the dress won’t fit. Or your mom got lipstick on your suit. Or your just freakin’ nervous. Getting ready together makes for amazing pictures and is a big stress reducer. You have your partner in crime and wedding with you the whole day. So before you brush it off, think about it. I did it!!

  • Have whatever is super meaningful to you all collected. Put your an attendant in charge of rings, bouquet, dress, shoes, suit, veil, something your wearing from your family all in one spot so I’m not like “Hey…sooo…where are the rings?” as you’re getting your false eyelashes done and can’t see anything.
  • I already talked about how important it is to have a getting ready location that’s fab, but once your in the room full of space, light, and it’s free of clutter- make sure you can get a good spot next to the window where I’ll be taking the photos of you getting dressed. So if we have to move some furniture? Let’s do it!

  • Make sure your attendants are ready at least 10 minutes before you need to get dressed. Sometimes you need their helping hand to steady yourself as you put on shoes or sometimes you need an adjustment to your vest. Whatever it is, make sure you have them ready and able to help and not be caught alone. They can wash their hands of any makeup, product, etc and be ready to really help you. Because that moment after you get your wedding attire on? It’s pretty ‘woooah’ which turns into ‘omg, everyone is around me and helping me….this is amazing. They are amazing!’ and everyone smiles and it’s time to get excited. Give yourselves that happy moment. It’s worth it.