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I tend to surprise people a lot because I’m pretty active when it comes to getting images I want. I’ll climb things, move things, do a dance- whatever it takes to get the image I want. This tends to surprise people- particularly guests at weddings.

So Natalie and I just went up to VT to do a carnival theme wedding. Natalie and I had discussed how I was going to capture the brides on the swing carnival ride best. My first thought, “Uh…go up with them and ride the thing!”. A guest overheard this and quickly said “Oh no, that’s not possible. You can’t take photos doing that! It’s not doable.”

Fast forward an hour to when the ride was opening. I saw the brides get on the ride out the corner of my eye (I was doing cake shots) and ran to get on. Natalie was busy moving some equipment from me and didn’t even see me go. That’s when she heard “Holy sh*t, is that the photographer on the swing?? Is she taking photos??” Cue Natalie to turn around, realize I’m on the swing taking photos. So she grabs my third camera and takes a few photos of me on the swing with all my camera gear.

I’ll admit that I was semi nervous. Me, in a carnival ride, swinging around, high above the ground, with all my equipment. But that thought lasted a moment because I knew I wanted the shot. Did I mention I’m terrified of heights? And get motion sick really easily? I got off the ride pretty wobbly and in my rush to get on the ride had basically spotted a guest watching and said “Hey, could-you-hold-my-second-camera-k-thanks-bye” and ran onto the ride. As I got off, I went to fetch my camera and thank the guest and the first thing out of her mouth was “Wow, that was badass.” Looking at the photos of me on the swing I look more ‘Uhhh…crap. I’m doing this.” than badass. But I’ll take it.


You are indeed badass! Cann’t WAIT to see the shots from this wedding!

I’m in with Christine!

I love it!!! That so doesn’t surprise me!! Awesome!

PLEASE tell me you’re going to post a couple of shots that you got up there! Please? I will now commence dying until I see at least one of them. My life is in your hands. No pressure or anything.