So being in our first house for over a year and purchasing a table big enough to seat 8 (though we found out it can sit 10!) I really wanted to host Thanksgiving. So Natalie’s family drove up from New York City, my mom and grandma drove up from DC and my uncle came from NC. So it was a full house for two days and I can honestly say it was the best Thanksgiving I can remember. I’m learning I love to entertain and host people. But don’t get me wrong- it’s stressful as hell to cook, clean and get ready for 10 guests when you have been in bed for 6 days prior and have 24 hours to throw it all together. But Natalie and I did. It felt so warm and perfect to have so many loved ones with us. It’s the first time we have really had so many of both our family members together since our wedding and I just soaked it all up. And they seemed to really enjoy it which makes all the difference. We mostly sat around and talked, ate, talked- which was perfect. I even had an idea at the last minute to have everyone write what they were thankful for on a chalkboard which I now love because it’s so funny to see everyone’s handwriting. Even the cats joined in on what they were thankful for.