Thanking my lucky stars or Natalie

This past weekend, while I was shooting a wedding, I had an accident during the Hora and my leg was crushed. An ER trip and Xrays later, I found out my leg wasn’t broken but because of my bleeding disorder, I would have a longer recovery and I would have to elevate/ice my leg for about a week. So no shooting. No walking around.

But the big thing was, I started thinking, geeez I wouldn’t have been able to drive myself to the hospital. Natalie was there. My wife. She took care of me. She even took amazing dancing shots for me as a guest, who was a doctor, examined me and told me to get to the hospital. So there I was, in the ER, at 1am and I was thinking about all the million things Natalie does when she comes to a wedding to help.

Some examples from a recent wedding:

  • Natalie held my hand and made me feel safe as we flew to LA
  • She drove all around LA because I hate driving when I don’t know where I’m going
  • She drove to the getting ready location and even tolerated me insisting on getting out of the car when she was backing up because we were on a giant giant hill and I was like ‘uhhhh…peace! I don’t like heights!’
  • She helped carry the wedding dress outside for some shots
  • She helped the bride get the dress on without ruining her hair or makeup
  • She gathered people and shouted out names for group shots as I snapped away
  • She looked for an archival pen everywhere for the ketubah signing
  • She drove me to the venue
  • She helped me switch lenses all day long
  • She coordinated with the planner and helped get me info about what was going on with some shuttle delays
  • She carried all my equipement for couple shots
  • When, during the Hora, the couple had juuuuust gone up in the chairs, a guest elbowed my flash, which smacked into my face and made me fall…Natalie was right there with my backup equipment, taking my broken flash off my hands so I could snap some shots of them in the chairs.
  • She waited in line for dinner so I could keep shooting and then eat
  • She supplied me with lots and lots of cokes, ha! I need it to keep going. It’s like oxygen.
  • When the couple couldn’t find their planner, Natalie went off and searched for her several times to make sure everything went smoothly.
  • When the shuttle didn’t go up the hill as planned, Natalie and the planner shuttled guests down the hill and back. Just them. On this dark dark hill. With a few guests walking the hill to make it even more dangerous/scary to drive it!!

And she doesn’t get paid a dime to do this. She stopped being a DOC when she started doing her PhD program. She doesn’t come to every wedding but still: Why in the WORLD would anyone in their right mind volunteer to do this? I sometimes have to ask her this myself, why?? And she says, “Because I know a smooth wedding means a happy couple. And a happy couple means great photos. And I want to create the best conditions for your work because I believe in you.”


You are very lucky indeed. 🙂

Oh, I’m so sorry you got injured! Natalie really is an amazing catch. So sweet, caring, and super fun! Hope you heal quickly!

That made me all wibbly. She was so patient waiting for you at our wedding (I hope she got some pie!), and y’all we both so awesome to stay late. Get well soon and give us a call next time you’re down in DC!

Hope you are feeling better!

And I’m blown away by one of the pictures Natalie took. We are in the middle of both sets of parents and BIL & SIL all dancing. It’s perfect and we already decided its getting framed. I can only tell its Natalie’s because you are in the background of the shot.

Kelly, we are such lucky girls! Both of us in the ER the same night (probably the same ER too) being taken care of by our amazing wives! Ginger is helping me through another episode as I type. This is marriage, and I’m grateful for it!

What a sweet, sweet wife!!! Both of you!! She’s your helper…and supporter…and #1 fan. That’s what wifey’s do!! xoxo

This is so sweet, Kelly! And I’m so sorry you are off your feet and not shooting right now! My best wishes for a speedy recovery.