Summertime Ladies Pavilion Elopement

“Hiring Kelly Prizel as our wedding photographer was the best decision I made second only to marrying my wife.”- Chelsea

There are almost 9,000 miles between New Zealand and New York City, but Chelsea and Theresa made the trip for a summer elopement in Central Park. I got their email 3 years ago asking if I was free and we have been talking back and forth since then! As theater people, they were hardcore planners but even so, with a wedding around the globe they needed the amazing help behind Onederland Events.

The couple got ready in a quaint apartment they had rented with friends, sharing laughs and joking about the craziness of putting on a dozen shoes and dresses in such a small space. Chelsea made purple necklace bowties for those guests wearing dresses so that everyone could match.
Once everyone was in their finest, we headed to Ladies Pavilion in Central Park for the ceremony. Excited energy filled the space, as the brides held hands with their best people before the officiant began. Afterwards each attendant stood up and said something about Chelsea and Theresa, and let’s face it, everyone teared up.

The festivities continued with a picnic and bubble blowing on Cherry Hill. Big, red, picnic blankets to plop down and relax on. A wedding picnic in Central Park felt kinda surreal. It was so relaxed with the guitarist Frank Persico. I’m a sucker for acoustic guitar since my wife is an avid guitarist. We watched the crowds on Bow Bridge but the hill was all ours. As we walked over and I took a few photos of Chelsea, I could hear Theresa whisper to herself, “Isn’t she just beautiful?” She is. They are.

  Ceremony: Ladies Pavilion // Picnic: Cherry Hill // Planner: Onederland Events //
Caterer: Perfect Picnic // Guitarist: Frank Persico // Videographer: 15 minutes of frame // Officiant: Rev. Annie Lawrence

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Walking towards Cherry Hill, we could just see our wedding picnic blankets waiting for us. The whole bridal party made a big cheer.
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