Summer Night Engagement Shoot in the West Village

Gleaming white tile and tall ice cream sundae glasses. Marissa’s green heels hovered over the floor, suspended as she sat on a wooden stool at the ice cream counter. Acacia scanned the menu for a summer dessert the two could share.
We walked around the West Village in the summer evening. Quirky New York offerings popped up- a wooden bench outside a French restaurant, with plenty of people eating dinner within, allowed us a break from walking. Noise flowed out of the restaurant and onto the street, as people enjoyed the opportunity to dine with the windows open.
And while I’m the last person who enjoys getting lost anywhere, New York offers the chance to get lost and find oneself somewhere even better. I had been lamenting my sense of direction and peering at my iPhone, trying to find the exact street I wanted Acacia and Marissa to end our session at. I couldn’t find it but made a few turns and found the perfect brownstone stoop to relax on.
Walking down the steps to the street, slowly, it was almost impossible for them to not burst out laughing. I mean, it felt ridiculous to them. Slow motion walking down a flight of steps and trying to not look down so I could grab some shots of them looking at each other- it’s just, well, weird. And they did it multiple times.
But doing something silly, something just plain out of the ordinary, often times presents the moment to just recognize how fun, and yes, odd, it is to just take a few summer hours and concentrate on each other. To walk around NYC and not have an exact idea of what will come. Acacia and Marrisa seemed happy to have just that. Each other, a bit of time, and me- their bumbling guide to go and do weird things to grab some photos.
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