South Street Seaport Engagement

How do I dress for an engagement session?
Now, the various answers to that often asked question is an entire post itself. But one of the biggest things I try to emphasize is: layers! Dressing in layers for your engagement session gives us lots of options and photographs really well. That cute black blazer Kristen has on? You could take it off and have a whole new look. But even with us keeping it on, it gives the eye a lot more to look at and makes her mint green shirt pop. And Robyn wore a collared shirt- it wasn’t a huge difference in color from her sweater she layered on top. And that’s why it worked! Small little things to break up an outfit work wonders.
My go-to advice for engagement outfits: Layer. Easiest way? Bring a cardigan or blazer. I personally love either a colorful blazer or a black/gray/navy blazer with a super bright top. Robyn today is showing this off in style.

I know everyone worries about their engagement outfit. Robyn and Kristen immediately asked “Is this good? Does this work??” when I met them in South Street Seaport. Before I could say anything, Robyn said “I know you said not to wear anything with a brand or words on the front but…” and I cut her off. Yes, she broke my rule. But she broke it for the best phrase, “Follow your heart”.
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