Snowy CT

I grew up in Virginia in the exact same town my mom did. I went to the same high school she did. And while, Virginia may not be Puerto Rico in warmth, it’s still a pretty mild area. I can remember small flurries shutting down school. A whole inch of snow and people flipped out. Where to go!!! What to do!!! And let me say, Virginia drivers are not the best, but when snow comes down, well….you might want to avoid roads at all costs. I think snowflakes block the blood to the brain of Virginians and the accidents are a great testimony to that.

So when Natalie and I moved up here to Connecticut, I had maybe shoveled 2-3 inches of snow in my life. I didn’t own *real* gloves. I owned pretty H&M, not-really-made-to-hold-snow, gloves. And my coat was lackluster in the keeping me warm department. First year went like this:

Me: OMG, there’s snow!! Yay!
Two hours later
Me:It’s still snowing. And…it’s sticking
Four hours later
Me: We don’t own a shovel! Or salt!!! Or the snow blower our neighbors are currently using!! Holy crap. I hate snow. I haaaaaaaaate snow. We can’t even leave our house because our car is stuck *SOB*

The second year went like this:

Me: I got a shovel. Oh yeah. And I even have a northface jacket. I’m sooooo ready for this. Bring it.
Commence 25 inches of snow falling in one day
Me: *SOB*

So snow and I have a very love/hate relationship. I think it’s pretty. Until I have to shovel it. Or faceplant in the snow for the 34667 time trying to push our car out of the snow. But Friday and Saturday we got 8 inches of snow. So I decided it would be fun to take a walk in the snow. At the time, it was snowing so hard we couldn’t look up. Thankfully, Natalie wore a ridiculous elephant hat so I never lost her. Half-way through our walk we decided to extended it and walk to our local cafe.

Hot coco in cute mugs and just watching the snow come down from inside was wonderful.

P.S. Most of the snowy shots were taken with my new Fuji x100. This camera is so perfect for throwing in my purse and has actually made me just take photos I *want* to take.

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It’s so true that the best part about bad weather is being comfortable inside and looking out at it. I really enjoy big loud thunderstorms for that reason, to be cozy and dry inside is the best part! Also I *hate* shoveling snow, I’m sure in reality my dad let me off pretty easy for the most part but I just feel like so many hours in my childhood in winter were spent moving snow. Not for me! Dan wants to retire to New Hampshire or somewhere like that…if we do that it will be contingent on me not having to do any snow removal whatsoever.

Yeah, Nat’s parents live in NH and I would probably demand a team of snow shovelers if I moved there. And a heated office chair. And a heated everything.
One thing I love is actually going outside in pouring rain and thunder…I’m weird though.