Seasonal Decoration

September was a blur. And I feel kinda bummed about that because it’s jammed packed full of really important things: Natalie’s birthday, our wedding anniversary, all the high holy days for Judaism. I basically did nothing for any of them. I *gulp* didn’t even get Natalie a card…for either her b-day or our anniversary. I felt so icky.

I can blame it on September being the busiest month for us both. Nat starts school. I have more than one wedding every weekend and engagement sessions multiple times a week. But still. I felt like fall was passing me by and everything I love about the season was going undone. Apple picking? Fall drive? Pumpkins? Helllllloooo? Not even a freakin pumpkin on my steps? Blah on me.

So while I was at Michaels getting packaging materials for clients, I saw Martha Stewart’s halloween line. And if you don’t know me, I’m like a Martha addict. I know. The perfectness of her magazines make me want to vomit sometimes but I can’t get enough. So I looked. And there it was! Rats!! Natalie loves rats. She had them as pets growing up and was very impressed when I saved a rat who was choking to death at the animal shelter where I worked (long story). So I grabbed them.

So what did Natalie find when she came home?

It took me maybe 5 minutes to put them on the stairs and it totally makes me smile everytime I go up our stairs. I love them!! So we have a little fall in our house now and I feel a tad bit better about being absent for most of September and this month. And you know who else likes the rats?

Butter- one of our cats. He can’t seem to figure out what they are and stares at them. Thankfully he has yet to try to eat one. Or play with one. Maybe that has to do with the fact he likes to stare at our guinea pigs? It’s like “WTH is that?!?’ And he’s fine with just thinking about them. And sometimes- I kid you not- sleeping in their cage with them.


Butter is ADORABLE!!!! Very cute decorations!