NYC Wedding Photographer // Upper West Side Engagement

Engagement sessions are another milestone. And with each milestone, it should be a celebration and reflect the whole journey. I wanted Alex and Alex to have a flash of a smile as they looked at the glass they created to smash on their wedding day, tucking it into the fabric under the Chuppah.

Alex and Alex made their way to West Side Judaica, looking for a glass they liked enough to write on and be present under the Chuppah with them. So as the sun began to set, with the twinkle lights hanging above their rooftop, they helped each other write their names and wedding date on the glass to personalize it.

As I crawled through their window to get back into the apartment, to travel home, I was glad I could suggest a new tradition to them. A new part of the process. Perhaps one they will carry on. But these two welcomed me into a special moment in their lives and as I was about to leave, they welcomed me and my wife over for dinner. “Because we are all humans here”. I beamed.
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Kelly, these are pure perfection. Love.