Central Park Summer Anniversary Shoot with Dog

“Go in with a good attitude and don’t worry about what you look like in the shots. Let Kelly direct you and don’t second guess her. She can see what you look like. You can’t. You’re paying her for her eye, so let her use it.”- Michael and Trevor

I know there is a lot of “I’m a CAT person” or “I’m a DOG person” but as the furry mom to 3 rabbits, 2 cats and a dog, I vote for all of them. So I love getting to shoot couples who bring not just themselves but their furry family too. So Duncan, the adorable cocker spaniel, got to briefly meet my dog Finch as I plopped down on their blanket that was already stalking out a perfect shooting location next to the lake in Central Park. With it being so hot, we didn’t want to have to run around everywhere, so we ended up going only a few yards and still got all these great Central Park summer shots. The arch of the trees was perfect on the Central Park mall, and just the right amount of sunlight shone through the branches.

gay Connecticut gay wedding photographer “At our wedding we didn’t have a great shot with our dog, Duncan, so for this shoot we wanted to make sure we got good shots with him. We knew he was photogenic, but we were surprised at how well he did with the shoot and didn’t get distracted. I don’t know how many shots Kelly had to go through to get the fantastic ones she sent to us, but we were floored by how good he looked. He was truly a part of the shoot and not just a prop.”

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“I LOVE the picture of us with Duncan in the bike basket. The light was beautiful under the trees and Duncan looks super cute peeping out of the basket.”same sex couple kissing on central park benches engaged couple opening wine in central park for engagement gay guys holding each other for engagement shoot

What is something that you would do differently knowing what you know now?
Kelly initially wanted to do a sunrise shoot, but we are lazy and didn’t want to get up that early. After doing a hot, sweaty, August afternoon shoot, I think we should have taken her initial suggestion.

My venue was _____________ and it was the perfect place for:
The area near Bethesda fountain in Central Park and a few other nearby spots. It’s perfect for a multi-location look without having to trek around too far. Each area had a different look and they were mere steps apart.