Roger William Park Providence, RI Engagement

Before shooting this engagement, I had never spent any time in Rhode Island. I had passed through the state, but never stayed to enjoy it. So I was not at all sure where we should shoot! I needed ideas. I googled. I asked them. And when I came across Roger William Park, I knew we had it. A park, lots of room for their two dogs to play, and lots of places to shoot. Andrea and Nashama agreed- that was the place.

We started shooting with the dogs tied up just across the bridge so they could relax in the shade. I was totally loving the bridge shots. And then….something came into my viewfinder. Wait. Was that Andrea’s dog?? He came bounding towards us, very very proud of himself. With half a leash. He really wanted to be with us, so badly in fact, he chewed through his leash and promptly left his buddy tied to the tree to join us. So the dog walking shots were canned as it’s really hard to walk a super excited dog with half a leash and look good doing it.

After enjoying the park and getting a bunch of shots, we went back to the parking lot where there was a carousel inside. It was closed but the nicest guy ran the carousel and invited us in. We had the place to ourselves and I was soooo happy. An empty carousel just for me to shoot in? That’s what I’m talking about! And he even gave me some vitamin water for free as it was really hot with no air on. So huge thanks to Roger William Park!


These are super adorable shots! Great couple!

Seeing these two lovely ladies in such a perfect setting makes my heart all gooey 🙂
These photos are so beautiful!

@ Brandee- Thanks so much Brandee!
@ Lauren- You picked my 2 favorite shots 😉 Good taste.
@ Katie W- I was so shocked that he chewed through his leash I totally should have grabbed some shots of that- but my mouth was open and I was trying to figure out how to catch him. ha!

These are amazing! I love the carousel shots.

I think you should have thrown in a couple photos of Andrea’s bounding dog with half a leash for good measure 🙂

what an adorable couple! I LOOOOVE that shot in the old fashined door, and this last one too.