Rock Creek Park DC Proposal

I’m pretty good at keeping secrets. But this was a hard one. Shira and I conspired to tell her girlfriend that they were just doing a couple shoot. Just for fun before they moved. Yup. Just a couple shoot.

Only we both knew Shira was going to propose during the shoot. What would make the proposal visually fun? How could we make this more than just a “Omg! Your down on one knee!” type deal. Shira wanted it to be super personal. So we decided to do it in a park as both of them work as park rangers and that’s how they met.

So the day of, I’m just chatting it up about how fun it is to have couple’s portraits done. Blahblahblah. Inside I’m like “Do not not not slip up and say anything. Do not give sly grins to Shira. Act normal.” When Kacie saw the hearts, she thought a kid had placed them there. That was, until Shira told her to read them.

So along the park trail we went. Collecting hearts. Kacie reading loving messages. Nooooow she was getting suspicious. By the time we got to the last heart, sitting down on a rock next to a stream, she was laughing nervously. And that’s when the ring box came out.


I love their story! Such an awesome proposal…you captured it beautifully!