Ring in the new year

Natalie and I got engaged again! Sort of. Kind of. You see, this spring will mark 10 years of us being together. We started dating our senior year of high school after Natalie found my online profile. You bet I rocked the Planet Out website profile! But having got together when we were 17, it led us to some interesting predicaments.

When you’re 19, $300 seems like $1 million. You can’t ever imagine spending more than $300 on anything, let alone a ring. So that vastly limits your options. Plus, all this ring shopping was on the down-low. We didn’t want to be teenagers getting engaged. We couldn’t do that! We had to be a grown up 20 😉

For Natalie’s engagement ring, we ended up in Montgomery Mall surrounded by giant groups of bored teenagers. She wanted something nontraditional, something with a sapphire (and no, sapphires don’t mean something to lesbians–though we have been asked many, many times) and something not too big. And we found a ring she absolutely loved. It was a sapphire flanked by 2 diamonds. Teeny tiny stones. No certificate or anything. It was from fire and ice- a chain mall store whose un-traditional rings we liked but quality was majorly in question.

So, as time went on and we had our big, Jewish wedding and then we got legally married in Connecticut, I loved the ring I gave to Natalie when we had just started our relationship. But I also had some concerns. I could see the questionable gold of the band giving Natalie rashes. And it really stood out (and not in a good way) when she wore it on the same finger as her wedding band. So I decided for our 10th anniversary, we needed to upgrade her ring. So, for the last year we have been wandering in and out of jewelry shops– no rush. Just looking.

Natalie walked into the house a few days ago casually mentioning she had seen a ring she really liked and the whole store was having a sale. HELLO! Natalie had yet to mention any ring she was interested in, at all, this entire time we had been looking. So you bet I wanted to go and look at it. And when I walked in and saw it, I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t sure I liked it. It was an emerald cut diamond–I had never seen an emerald cut. And I kind of like the sparkle of other cuts more. But when she put it on, she had that look (and Natalie does not like jewelry)  and I looked at it only to realize it was perfect. Not too big. Not too flashy. Very vintage looking. But it was quality, from a small jewelry shop that has been a New Haven since 1919. And the best thing? It was a Canadian diamond, which had been a non-negotiable for Natalie and me.

So for New Year’s Eve we had the BEST sparkle of all. A new ring I know Natalie will wear until our old, farty hands can barely move.

emerald cut engagement ring


Kelly, I just wandered upon your site and you made me cry. What a beautiful story. What a beautiful message your whole site represents. I don’t normally post on people’s sites but everything about what I have read today moved me and then to end with reading a personal story was just very beautiful. I wish you many blessings.

Thank you so much for your sweet words. I honestly was surprised how many people told me this post had them all teary- I don’t know how I got so lucky to have Natalie in my life. It’s kinda barfy cute.

Kelly, that ring is absolutely gorgeous! Also, I adore you and Natalie’s high-school sweetheart-ness.

That ring is gorgeous! And your story about being a teenager, at a mall, and $300 seeming like the HUGEST sum of money ever totally made me laugh! All so true. Also, my e-ring is an aquamarine and I’m frequently asked if it has special meaning (besides being my e-ring people?!) I guess because a. it’s not a diamond b. people think lesbians might have something with aquamarines. Glad to know our non diamond fetishes include sapphires and other precious stones as well! 🙂

My engagement ring is a blue topaz, so we still have that 😉

awww, what a sweet story! Ethical sourcing was a huge issue for Nicole and me as well–the platinum is recycled, the diamonds are Canadian, and the sapphires are Australian. Natalie’s ring is beautiful! I can’t believe you guys are celebrating ten years!!

It’s GORGEOUS (I love sapphires and vintage-style rings). But I love the story even more. 10 years and NYE certainly deserve an upgraded-yet-ethical sparkle. Happy anniversary to a wonderful couple!

which store?

So gorgeous, and such a sweet story! That is totally (totally!!!) my type of ring. I may have a bit of ring envy now. 🙂

Oh, and happy new year, you two!

Natalie was amazed when she saw the pictures. She was like “Woah- my ring looks so freakin’ huge and sparkly!” Ha! But you would love it Mari, you guys have such similar taste. So you’ll have to see it soon 😀