I’m sure, by now, you have noticed a little bit of a change around here- as in my whole website got redone!! I’m beyond thrilled with it because it’s exactly what I wanted when I actually had no idea (or, in reality, 345345667 ideas) of what I wanted. With so many ideas and directions I wanted to go, I needed a graphic design team that really knew how to take all that and transform it into a site. I needed a team that was super experienced in working with wedding photographers/creative people because I wanted to make sure they would design a site that flowed well and made sense for my kind of work.

So I found Second Street Creative. I Facebook stalked them and watched as new logos and sites went up. I just loved their vision. So I emailed them, not really sure of how the hell this works. But Ryan took it from there. Weirdest experience: talking on the phone to Ryan all about me and well, me. It felt so odd to talk on and on about myself, but at the end of the call, even I had a better idea of what I wanted from the website because Ryan knew what questions to ask. I won’t give away his secret sauce, but that call really made all the gears in my brain start to turn….and helped me figure out which inspiration images I wanted to send his way. It wasn’t just all about the pretty- it was about making this site work for me and my clients.

Texture!!! Poor Second Street Creative heard that word a million times. But I wanted my site to have lots of texture, be classic, and keep my color palette I loved. I wanted something that focused on the images and was clean but not minimalist. They even went back and redesigned my logo to have a more ‘hand-drawn’ quality to it and removed the leaves in my old logo.

I drooled when I saw the first mockup. And we actually changed very very little from the first concept! They hit it out of the park right from the get-go. I wanted a website that really just was a nicer blogsite. And behind all that hotness is a wordpress site that is custom built for me. I’m going total nerd on you guys, but as a geek-tastic girl who watched her dad build super computers in the basement at age 3, I got a whole lot of love for people who can make something amazingly functional but super easy for the non-programmers. And my site is just that- I can change things, if I wish, in the future, without crying while looking at the css or html. I just plop in the changes I want. Easy.

And as a little shout out- thank you Ryan and all of Second Street Creative. You really put together something I feel fits me exactly and is easy to use. I can’t wait to work on more projects with you guys 😀


Kelly it looks so, so good. Way to go!

Thank you!! I really wanted it to be great and was so nervous going both feet in with a graphic designer but I’m so lame I actually go to my website and just look at the pretty.

This redesign is amazing! Clicking around, I notice all these little touches that are perfect and remind me why there are people who do graphic design for a living. Also, I like that you described your initial vision as “clean but not minimalistic”–good reminder that those two don’t have to go together. I think I’m always looking for clean too but I just can’t really do minimalistic personally.

I could never go minimalist- it’s just not me either. My house, my wardrobe and me are all proof of that. I love how they really did talk to me and tried to get me to let them know what I wanted. Hands down, hiring a graphic designer with a great track record and great customer service was the best thing I did for 2011 for my business.

I LOVE it Kelly! They did an amazing job!! Beautiful!

And you were right there the whole time! Thanks for being such a help with this graphic design journey.