Rabbit Happenings

So back in February, I talked about our three rabbits. One of which, Abraham, I described as a bunny douchebag. Cause, well, he is. But since then, I have been traveling almost constantly. I haven’t been home for more than 2 weeks at a time. Which means things are going great for my business. I’m super happy. But Abraham hasn’t seen it that way. He really only likes me and not Natalie. So everytime I leave? He sulks. A lot. He has been moping around the house like nobody loves him and he might as well sit in a corner. Natalie tries to give him fun things to do and special food treats but in exchange, Abraham just bites Natalie and grabs the treat only to sulk immediately after consuming said treat.

So when we dropped off Toby and Fern (our other bunnies) at a rabbit rescue for boarding (they have special medical issues so they need 24/7 care), we asked if maaaaaybe maybe there was a chance we could bond Abraham to another bunny so he would have a friend. We emphasized multiple multiple times what a jerk he was. But Hop A Long Hollow said no worries, we should at least try. So fast forward to us, at the rescue, with Abraham. He got to go on speed dates with at least 8 rabbits. He went bonkers. He hated them all. He kept crawling into my lap and looking at me like “WTH is this? I disapprove of these rabbits. They aren’t good enough”.

So we kinda gave up and went upstairs where the rabbits who aren’t available for adoption because they have medical issues are. And there was Domino. We had seen her several times before and joked that Abraham was so full of himself, he would love her because she looks just like him. And then we didn’t laugh. We looked at each other and asked if we could try her. She was recovering from being a rabbit at a meat farm and had horrible blistered feet from the wire cages. But we put her in the cage and our eyes almost popped out of our heads. Abraham calmed down, went up to her, and she groomed him. Uhhhhhhhh…..what??!? This was real chance!! So we left Abraham to be bonded with Domino. We felt giddy.

But things didn’t go very well at the rabbit bonding. He kept humping her. They said they know totally knew what I meant when I called him a jerk. He’s just not a nice bunny. I started getting upset. I thought we had finally, after 6 years, found him a friend. So I offered to take them both and try to bond them slowly. I had been a foster mom for the house rabbit society for 4 years and had bonded a bunch of bunnies. Maybe I could slowly show Abraham that having a bunny friend is worth it.

Soooooo after more than a month of careful bonding, we put them together in a pen for a full 24 hours. It’s been almost 48 hours of them together now. I’m still counting the hours. I still can’t believe it when I poke my head in our bedroom and see two identical looking rabbits hanging out. I really hope this works out.

But Domino is not a name that I can live with. So any thoughts on what to name a fat looking girl version of Abraham? We are temp calling her Hippo because she swishes her tail around like hippos do when they are mad (Oh boy, you now know I watch waaaay too much national geographic).


What about Sarah or Mary Todd?

I thought about Sarah…Sarah and Abraham, how perfect? I’m just having a hard time calling a rabbit Sarah. Why? No idea. I mean I call a rabbit Abraham!! But when I say “Sarah” out loud to a rabbit, I feel weird. But I’m liking it more and more…..