Press Mentions and a Table

So apparently this was the week for press! Desaray and Lauren’s wedding was featured on District Wedding, a blog all about DC weddings.

A photo from Lauren’s suit fitting was featured on AOL’s Aisle Dash article on trends in same-sex weddings.

And I got to go as Press to the Illegal Wedding Fair in NYC for So You’re EnGAYged.

Aaaaannnd on a fun personal note, my dining table came in!! Remember my debate? Well we picked the CB2 dining table and even got chairs at target for $35 a pop (after struggling to find chairs I could endure sitting in for less than $100 we totally found these by surprise). I’m not going to show you the whole shebang until it’s done because the table actually comes unfinished. So I’m off to Home Depot today to get Tung Oil and beeswax to seal it. But…I loved the raw look of the wood and used it as a background for shots of my new album I’m offering. The new linen album looks hoooot if I do say so on the wood.

See the grain? I just love it!! And it’s going to be even better when it’s sealed as it gives in a deeper, richer color; more in line with what it looks like in the catalog.