Prallsville Mills Wedding in Stockton NJ // Holly and Keith

The Prallsville Mills are actually two mills that are connected to each other so you would think huge space right? Nope. It’s very intimate and perfect for Holly and Keith’s wedding. The dancing even took place in the basement where you could see the mill waters gushing and making a wonderful, calming noise.

Prallsville-Mills-Wedding-001 Prallsville-Mills-Wedding-003 Prallsville-Mills-Wedding-004 Prallsville-Mills-Wedding-002 Stockton-New-Jersey-wedding-001 Prallsville-Mills-Wedding-006 Prallsville-Mills-Wedding-007 Prallsville-Mills-Wedding-010 Prallsville-Mills-Wedding-011 Prallsville-Mills-Wedding-012 Prallsville-Mills-Wedding-008 Prallsville-Mills-Wedding-013 Prallsville-Mills-Wedding-014 Prallsville-Mills-Wedding-009 Prallsville-Mills-Wedding-016 Prallsville-Mills-Wedding-017 Prallsville-Mills-Wedding-018 Prallsville-Mills-Wedding-019 Prallsville-Mills-Wedding-020 Prallsville-Mills-Wedding-021 Prallsville-Mills-Wedding-022 Prallsville-Mills-Wedding-024 Prallsville-Mills-Wedding-023 Prallsville-Mills-Wedding-025 Prallsville-Mills-Wedding-015 Stockton-New-Jersey-wedding-005 Stockton-New-Jersey-wedding-003 Emily's-Cafe-and-Catering Stockton-New-Jersey-wedding-004 Stockton-New-Jersey-wedding-006


Venue: The Prallsville Mills // Catering: Emily’s Cafe & Catering // Flowers & Decor: DIY // Dress: It’s a light gray bridesmaids dress!!


Whoa this is like a doppelganger of our wedding!!! I was seriously considering Prallsville Mills before settling on Mountain Lakes House and this is kind of like an alternate imagining of how wedding would have looked. Love all of it.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that photo of them in the window of the mill, taken from outside. Gorgeous work, Kelly!