Port Jefferson New Jersey Wedding // Moments

It was drizzling and occasionally flat out raining for Larissa and Steven’s First Look. The mist from the sea and fog had rolled in about an hour before, leaving everything a bit hazy. Larissa turned her back to watch the boats and the sea while I went to go get Steven. I asked Steven if they needed an umbrella but with a gift in hand, he declined in favor of really savoring this bit of time on their wedding to really connect. Like 95% of my couples, they wanted a pocket of time to be alone- together. To absorb the amazing moment and be centered for more moments to come during the ceremony. And for Steven and Larissa, to have time to give each other gifts, read cards, and say things about their love without anyone watching or listening. It was just me, quietly shooting, while I heard murmurs of laughter or the shift of bodies as Steven held Larissa.

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So pretty Kelly! (But your work always is!)