Pavilion on Crystal Lake Wedding

Most weddings have something unexpected pop up. Usually it’s small little details that quickly get smoothed over and are just as quickly forgotten. But the day Kate and Kevin woke up for their wedding, the found out the entire town where their wedding was being held was out of power. As I was driving through the city, I didn’t see any traffic lights working or stores open and was starting to wonder what the heck was going on. When I got to the salon, the power had booted back up only to go off again in the middle of drying Kate’s hair. It was pitch black in the salon as there were no windows- so I felt around for my bag and whipped out my video light to guide us out of the salon, and upstairs to the floor that had windows.

Kate was happy as a clam. She was far too excited about the wedding day to care about stupid things like hair dryers not working or curling irons going cold. Who cares? She was getting married! Eventually, the power did go back on and stayed on. I jumped up and down inside, thanking the electric company for sparring us from a blacked out reception room. And as Kate went down the awesome stairs at the Inn at Middletown to see Kevin for the first time, I could just see Kevin’s face go from kinda stressed (he was just on the cell phone trying to figure some stuff out) to nervous to just pure happiness.

And the fall foliage at the Pavilion on Crystal Lake was just starting to break out. Pumpkins tied up with purple ribbon lined the ceremony aisle and the gazebo looked perfect. The ceremony had a lot of laughing and dorky science things they shared (yay for science dorks!) and then Kevin got serious with his vows, telling Kate just how lucky he was to be marrying her. Kate looked up at the sky, trying to keep from crying. But Kevin was too good with words and Kate finally had to grab a handkerchief to get through the vows. Their wedding ceremony at Pavilion on Crystal Lake was surrounded by the forest and outdoors they both loved so much (remember they actually camped out after their engagement session?). So Sandra, my team awesome second shooter, and I watched them grab each other’s hand and smash the glass. It was official.


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