Pavilion on Crystal Lake Wedding Middletown, CT

The Pavilion on Crystal Lake has a wonderful gazebo area for the ceremony and then an almost barn like reception room, totally lined with wood paneling. And plenty of dancing room! Which is exactly what as needed for Kevin and Kate’s Hora and chicken dance. When Kate filled out the timeline sheet I give all my couples, she mentioned the chicken dance. I was like ‘Wow. Haven’t seen that one yet!’ Apparently it is Kate’s grandma’s favorite dance song, so all the family was on the dance floor for the chicken dance! And Kate went over to her grandma’s table and did the chicken dance with her. It was such a funny but sweet moment.

And with a balcony overlooking the dance floor, a few of Kate’s closest friends gathered to to a candle-lighting and song that they have done at each of their weddings. Having a few moments with you best friends, away from the hubbub, I don’t care if you light candles or not, is always nice to have. There were hugs and a bit of scurrying to get the sparklers ready for Kate and Kevin’s exit. But it all came together and Kate and Kevin got to be cheered on by their family and friends as they walked out with a line of sparklers.