Park Slope Engagement // Clara and Sarah

Literally, just a stroll. That’s all this engagement session was about. A stroll through Clara and Sarah’s neighborhood. Heading in the direction of the Brooklyn Public Library to play in front of a building with some stuff you will probably never see in another shoot of mine. Unless I get some NASA clients or other awesome science buffs. So, your not going cross-eyed. That is a stuffed toy rocket ship. Clara is indeed wearing a sweater with constellations on it (how fab is that???). We included these things on account of Clara being a science reporter. Like, we had to reschedule the engagement due to a shuttle being launched. NASA is so uncooperative about holding off for one day for engagement shoots.

So the library was just the spot to snuggle and read. Because Sarah reads like a fiend. She’s killing through so many sci-fi books, I’m just wanting to hug her. As a little girl, my father’s first books he gave me were Lord of the Rings. Because, let’s face it, he got a PhD in engineering and built his own super computers as a hobby- in 1986. This actually became his own businesses with hundreds of employees. Geek is IN my blood. Annnnd let’s all try to forget I was 1 of 2 girls in my High School Anime club. I knew Clara and Sarah wouldn’t judge…well, not too much.


Katie (Clara's mom)

This is so great, Kelly! You are awesome and i can’t wait to see all of the wedding photos…the collage piece you did for facebook is just beautiful! Thanks for being part of a great day!