Park Hyatt DC Wedding Sneak Peek

Because it’s not about just one stunning image. It’s about the whole story. The moment when you sit down and place your wedding album in your mom’s lap. Showing stories. That’s why I couldn’t ever just pick one image for Annie and Marc’s wedding. This is a sneak peek of the enormity of their communities and families coming together to celebrate. Smashing plates. Crying over memories. Holding each others hands as they circled together under the Chuppah. Wedding Day? (Annie, you’ll never live that down now, it’s in photographic evidence forever)


Thank you for capturing all the wonderful moments. I loved working with you!


I need a tag for my blog like #awesomejewishweddings

They are beautiful! Thank you for sharing! The photos truly capture the many events and emotions of the day.

I can’t wait to show a full post of the wedding. It felt so good to witness a couple who really really was surrounded by family/friends who had basically been around them their entire lives. Annie and Marc are just magnets for great people because they already are themselves.

So much love for these two, these photos, that phone. Thanks for making me tear up at work, Kelly and Natalie.

Yay! Can’t wait to showcase all the wonderful moments in a full blog post. And your fab polka dot dress (which I loved)