Organizing all your wedding ideas with Evernote and Google Reader

There are a million different resources and ideas to help plan your wedding now that there are so many wedding blogs. And while it’s a great resource, it’s also a problem because there are so many ideas you can’t keep them all in your head!

While there are a bunch of different tools I’m going to be blogging about this month to help you organize your wedding, I feel that organizing inspiration is one of the toughest. I had hundreds of blog posts filled with DIY projects, possible venues, vendor reviews, and just general wedding porn and my bookmark window was messy enough to prove it. I only found Evernote in the last stage of planning my wedding, but now I’m addicted to it!

Evernote is a free tool that is like a giant brain, only searchable. Instead of worrying about blog posts that may or may not be there in a few months, clipping images, blog posts and DIY instructions into Evernote insures you will have all the info you want now and way down the line. You can categorize, tag and search everything you put into evernote. And putting things into evernote is super simple because they have web browser tools you can download to easily clip a blog post. Or you can copy and paste text into evernote itself. You can snap a photo on your phone and send it to evernote.

Not only is it free, but you can use it on your computer, laptop, and phone and it all stays sync’d. Chuck your wedding binder and use Evernote.

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Google Reader is the only way to read wedding blogs. Instead of checking blogs to see if new content is up and ready for you to read, google reader alerts you when there is a new blog post and let’s you read all your new blog posts in one window. There is no way in heck I could ever keep up with all the blogs I like to read by checking them one by one. I would go crazy. Using google reader, I only read what’s new and hasn’t been read by me yet. And then when I love blog post? Into Evernote it goes!!

This is the best video ever about why you should use google reader (thanks to Ariel from Offbeat Bride for showing me this!)


[…] you have some great tools to use to organize all your wedding ideas and inspiration. You have all your blogs in your google reader. But, when it comes down to breaking away from the […]

Thank you so much for posting a link to my blog!!! I really appreciate it– this post is very helpful btw:)

Thanks. I was so glad to see some other wedding blogs talking up the benefits of Evernote. It’s such a great tool.